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Decorative fencing

DECORATIVE FENCING - Aesthetically Pleasing!

About Decorative Fencing

Decorative Fencing is a generic term that simply refers to any type of fence that has some form of aesthetic appeal.

Decorative Fencing can be used in a variety of applications including front fences, gates, balcony fences, pool fences, privacy screens, boundary fencing, even security fencing.

The main considerations are:

  1. Your budget - different materials will have a significant impact on the cost of the project. Like most things in life the higher cost options come with better quality and more longevity
  2. Your desired outcome - do you want the fence to be a showpiece (eg: wrought iron fencing) or to blend in yet have some more decorative qualities than a standard plain fence (eg: slat fencing).

Many decorative fences come in a range of materials including Timber, Aluminium, Steel, Composite, PVC, Wrought Iron and Brushwood.

Some of the more common Decorative Fencing Options include:

  • Slat Fencing - a modern style horizontal, vertical or diagonal fence that gives privacy as well as a classy decorative look.
  • Picket Fencing - traditional look that is common for front fences.
  • Privacy Fencing - used for boundary fencing with a decorative element such as slats, lattice or capping across the top.
  • Front Fences - a huge range of options to enhance the front look of a property.

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