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Frameless glass


About Frameless Glass Fencing

Frameless Glass Fencing has had a rapid rise in popularity over recent years. It is a great option where a fence is required without obstructing the view with traditional fencing methods.

Anywhere Frameless Glass is used in a fence it must comply to strict regulations in relation to the type of Frameless Glass, thickness and spans. The most common Frameless Glass used in fencing is toughened Frameless Glass ranging in thickness from 10-15mm.

Sometimes known as the Invisible Fence, this type of fencing offers you a new look in fencing that disappears into the background and is totally rust proof.

For those concerned about keeping the Frameless Glass panels clean, most installers can apply a coating that dramatically reduces the need to clean the Frameless Glass.

Frameless Glass fencing comes in a few options as follows:

  • Semi-Frameless Frameless Glass Fencing - eliminates the need for a handrail with the Frameless Glass free supporting between posts. In this system the top and bottom edges of the Frameless Glass will be chamfered and polished.
  • Frameless Frameless Glass Fencing. A sleek classy look with the Frameless Glass cantilevered from the ground using either support spigots or a channel.

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Product: Frameless glass

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